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HeritageEast initiates and engages in a wide range of cultural activities that encourage cultural connectivity between the U.S. and China.  The Company has sponsored the development of several cultural web sites about the cultural heritage of China, collectively referred to as the HeritageEast CULTURAL SPACE.  From these web sites the Company communicates and exchange ideas with people from all over the world.

The CULTURAL SPACE includes websites about Chinese history, performing arts, art works, and a photo gallery:


History of China   Performing Arts   Works of Art   Photo Gallery


Along with the CULTURAL SPACE, HeritageEast started Dance Beijing, a performance company of Chinese classical and folk dance.  It has performed on the campus of numerous schools and universities, and in many corporate and community events.  At the invitation of the Madison Square Garden in New York City, Dance Beijing did halftime performances in two major NBA games, with TV broadcast reaching millions of NBA fans in the U.S. and beyond.


To expand the vision of the younger generations in China HeritageEast started exchange programs for cultural learning.  These programs bring Chinese youngsters to the U.S. for weeks to learn and experience the U.S. culture and way of life first-hand. ( VIDEO AND PHOTOS from an exchange program)




HeritageEast believes in team work, and continuously seeks partners in the U.S.
and China to work as a team in various projects.  (Email us for more information)




Samples of our music collection:
Sister Drum  |  Home without Shadow  |  Love before Time  |  Traditional Music
18 Violins  |  Moonlight Frontier  |  Feelings


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