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Come to join me

Working with schools Dance Beijing develops dance programs
for children and teenagers.

In-School Presentation and Demonstration

This program, popular among elementary and high schools, consists of short presentations about the classical dance and folk dance of China coupled with demonstrations by the company's dancers. The program can take place in a school auditorium, gymnasium, or classroom. Dancers, in full costume and makeup, show how props, gestures, and movements are used to communicate in the rich language of traditional Chinese dance. Programs for older students also cover the origins and historical background of various dance styles and the theatrical techniques in China. Students are encouraged to join the dancers to try various movements and props. The program ends with an informal question-and-answer session.

Workshop for School Teachers

This 2 to 3-hour long enrichment workshop introduces school teachers to the basics of Chinese dance.  The workshop intertwines short lectures with demonstrations by the company's dancers.  Emphasis is placed on the origin, historical background, and cultural significance of various dance styles and theatrical techniques. The teachers will learn dance movements which they can share with their students.